The Trip Home

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November 29-30

Given the bumpy ferry ride over, we decided to catch a quick flight back to Papeete. The plane itself was hilarious – it was fitted for 13 people, but I swear it would have only fit 8 or 9 if it was to FAA regulations. The safety speech was even better. “Wear your seatbelts until we land” and nothing else. They didn’t verify they were on, they didn’t care if you had bags on your lap, they didn’t really care for anything. The flight itself was about 5 minutes in the air and was MUCH better than the ferry ride.

The Papeete airport wasn’t air conditioned, so the 3-4 hour wait was miserable. The islands stay pretty much 85 degrees and humid 24 hours a day. After nearly 3 weeks away from home, we were just ready to get out of there.

We were so happy to land back in LA. Everyone spoke our language, they drove on the correct side of the road, and they had air conditioning!
Of course, our flight back to Cleveland was delayed 2 hours. Ugh.
We went to hang out in the President’s Club to kill the time and watch some real TV. The only cool thing was seeing Martin Short there. Neither of us talked to him, but we can say we saw him.

Suz got to sit in First Class on the way back, which was a pretty nice way to end a beautiful trip.
After landing, we were happy to see all our bags made it and nothing at all broke!

After nearly 3 weeks, we’re so happy to be home. It was the trip of a lifetime, but nothing perfect should last forever.

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