Great Barrier Reef

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November 22

Suellen has issues with the sea. It took some prodding to get her to agree on the day long visit out to the Barrier Reef. Luckily, she agreed and we left for a daylong adventure on Calypso. It’s a boat that seats about 60 people, which is the smallest of the tour companies in Port Douglas. It was the right decision, because service was great and we had an amazing time!



We had 3 stops in total. Jay went to SCUBA on the first stop and assumed Suz would be waiting on board. Remember, she has issues with the sea. We planned on going snorkeling together at the 2nd stop, so it was a reasonable assumption.
However, when Jay got back, Suellen proudly proclaimed “I went snorkeling all by myself!”. Wow!… that’s not a bad way to experience snorkeling for the first time. On the open sea at the Great Barrier Reef.


At the second stop, we did snorkel together… It was such a great experience, and the photographer grabbed a few shots of us. Suellen looked pretty, Jay looked dumb. I guess that’s nothing new!

The third stop, Jay SCUBA’d again and Suz did a bit of snorkeling. She wasn’t going to, but one of the guides said “get your mask back on”. So, out to the open sea she went again.

Overall, it was such a great day. The Calypso staff was great, the food was filling, and the Reef… it was really an experience of a lifetime.

We got to see some amazing fish, but no sharks. We have some pictures from an underwater camera coming back, and we also got a CD full of shots the photographer took underwater that day. Enjoy the pictures!







We flew back down to Sydney for one night and caught dinner at an amazing Thai restaurant. Then, had a peaceful night of sleep in Darling Harbour before heading to the airport for a morning flight to Tahiti


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