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November 13-14

We made a stopover in LA for pretty much one reason – to head to the Price is Right. Jay’s wanted to go on that show since he was about 8 years old (it was a sick day delight… 11am every day!). We had about a day and a half there, so we got to do some other stuff as well.

The day started off with a horrible revelation at the rental car facility. They had “upgraded” us to a Grand Marquis. If you’re not familiar with that car, it’s about the size of a house and is most often driven by cops and grandparents. After a short trip inside the Hertz booth, we ended up with a Toyota Solara convertible. That’s more of a honeymoon car.

Jay had never really done the touristy things in LA, so we made our way into Hollywood to see the walk of fame, Mann’s Chinese Theater, etc.
What a mistake. That city is so rundown – it’s actually pretty disgusting. The one cool thing we got to see was the Victoria’s Secret girls getting a star on the Walk of Fame. Actually, we didn’t so much see them getting a star… we saw about a gazillion other people trying to see it. So, we saw a crowd of people outside the Kodak theater. At least we got a free t-shirt out of the deal.

For dinner, we at at Mr. Chows (thanks for the recommendation, Alex). For those that don’t know (because I sure didn’t), it’s a pretty famous chinese restaurant in Beverly Hills. Apparently, all the celebrities hang out there on a regular basis, though we only got to see the guy that was the setup man on Punked. We did see one Paparazzi when leaving, so we felt like mini-celebs. Or not. Dinner itself was pretty good, though not nearly worth the $200+ bill we had. We did the prix fixed menu and let them decide what we should eat (does that seem normal?). We had a bunch of pretty solid dishes, but nothing that we could say was amazing. Worse off, they seat you like sardines. For Suellen to get to the bathroom, they literally had to pull the table out. Luckily, a lady next to us had to get up, so they pulled her table out. That caused a bum rush of women near us to get up – I guess they figured it was too much of a hassle to move a table just for themselves, so when the opportunity presented itself…

After that, we just headed back home – it was time to rest of for TPIR.

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